Premier Health is partnered with some of the most respected hospitals and physicians and is currently expanding into new markets. Already one of the country’s fastest growing urgent care companies with approximately 400,000 annual patient visits, Premier Health is rapidly expanding into new markets. Benefits of a joint venture urgent care model with Premier Health include:

  • Flexible Joint-Venture Models – Partnerships with effective strategies to share risk and reward.
  • Capital – Partners are able to contribute capital to cover start-up and on-going operating expenses.
  • Cost Savings – Partners are able to save money and reduce financial risks through sharing of resources.
  • Economies of Scale – Economies are created relative to management services, clinical services, and vendor relationships.
  • Management Expertise – Access to start-up resources and on-going management of staffing, coding, clinical policies and procedures, and other operational issues.
  • Access to New Markets – Enables hospitals, physicians, and physician groups to develop new model of healthcare delivery.
  • Simplified Solutions – For overwhelming financial, political and legal issues.

Premier Health has a proven track record in healthcare management and is seeking opportunities to develop relationships with physicians and healthcare organizations. If you are interested in a joint-venture with an equity partner that has a proven background as an owner-operator of urgent care and occupational health centers, please contact us.

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