Urgent Care University provides ongoing professional development to urgent care, retail health, and occupational medicine professionals. Our team is dedicated to providing quality outcome-focused training for our customers.

Premier Health provides high quality training programs either in-house or at a convenient location for your staff to attend. We are able to offer a range of training programs customized to the learning needs of your organization. We employ a number of industry experts and respected clinicians with expertise in:

  • General Urgent Care
  • Pediatric Urgent Care
  • Retail Health
  • Occupational Medicine

Some of the training programs offered by Premier Health include:

General Overview of Urgent Care and Occupational Medicine
What is Urgent Care General Overview of Urgent Care
What is Occupational Medicine General Overview of Occupational Medicine

Organizational Priorities 
Patient Satisfaction Operational Efficiency Employee Satisfaction Financial Success

Customer Service
Mission Statement Recommendations for Attaining Optimal Clinic Flow Ensuring Optimal Patient Service Occupational Medicine Standards of Care Scripts

Human Resources 
Orientation and Training Programs Formula for Effective Employee Performance Job Descriptions Employee Handbook Recommended Staffing Models Policies and Procedures Performance Evaluations Staff Competencies, Training, and Certification Requirements

Information Systems EMR and Practice Management Systems

Marketing/Advertising/Media Training

Marketing & Advertising
Urgent Care Target Markets Effective Strategies
Occupational Medicine Overview of Occupational Medicine Sales and Marketing Identifying Key Employer Groups and Governmental Agencies

Floor Plans and Building Designs Interior and Exterior Signage Equipment, Supply, and Furniture Needs

Financial Management
Overview of Urgent Care Financial Management Overview of Occupational Medicine Financial Management